Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

I think Deal! Okay so my parents made a deal with me, for every 2 1/2 hours of cleaning I do, I get to drive around for 30 minutes around keller! Thats AWESOME! I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited, they have motivated me to clean. My room has been clean for the past couple of days, I did my laundry, yesterday I did 3o minutes of cleaning. If I do 30 minutes everyday, I will have 2 1/2 hours by the weekend, so i can drive (: WHOOP-WHOOP!!!!


  1. very very scary! Just kidding! ;)

    good for you... doing such a good job helping out by cleaning... If you come clean my house, I will let you drive for hours running my kids aroung town!

  2. Hey now! I am actually pretty good at driving for not having much experience! I still have to practice, but I am doing pretty good. I start Drivers Ed on June 8th, and I will have my permit the next week! I am PUMPED!

  3. So...how's this going Kaila?? : )
    Just think, in about 3 weeks you'll have your permit and in July you'll get to drive 14 hours with the driving school! Student Driver stickers plastered all over the car for your safety and those around you!

  4. umm not so good. I have an hour and a half! And I just picked weeds, so I get the rest of my hours. So hopefully, I can drive in a few minutes! And I know..only 8 more days, and I will start drivers ed! yayyy! And no stickers on my car, people will give me a hard time! Remember??