Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay so I get my braces of in 9 days!!!!!! I get them off April 7th at 9:40 am! I am SO flipping excited. I will never have to deal with canker sores, I will not be the odd ball, (all my friends dont have braces, I am the only one that does), and once I get them off, 12 weeks later, I am probably going to get them whitened!! I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited. All I can talk about these days, are getting my braces off and driving. I love to drive!

My parents are finally letting me practice driving, even though I am not allowed to because I am not 15 and I dont have my permit. But were taking baby steps...and every now and then they let me drive. I always get mad at them, because they only let me drive for like 10-15 minutes, and I want to drive longer, but I realize now, that I should just be lucky that they are even lettting me drive. Because technically, I am not suppose to. So thanks mom & dad for letting me practice. Practice makes Perfect, soon enough, I will fully know how to drive and I will be good at it, thanks to you :)

I finally have time to blog! :)

Okay so I have been so busy lately. I have no time to blog anymore :( It is SOO sad. Today is sunday, and I decided to blog about something. I am really bored, so I don't really know what to blog about...but it will come to me.

So about a week ago, we had SPRiNG BREAK. I love SPRiNG BREAK, it was so fun!! We didnt go anywhere, we just stayed home and relaxed. We played wii, went fishing, ate out, and we had many late family nights. I had late nights, and early mornings. I took some pet sitting jobs. I love dogs, and I wish I had one, so I was SUPER excited when I got the chance to care of my neighbors dogs!! I took care of the pattersons dogs, Bo and Gabbi, for a couple of days. I got up at 7 and let them out and fed them, then came home and fell back asleep, then I went back at 12 to get the mail, let them out to go poddy, and give them their treat, then I went back at 5, to feed them their dinner, let them out, and go for a walk, and then last time was at 10:30, I let them out and then put them up to go to sleep. It was alot of work, but I enjoyed it. I also took care of the Cheathams dog, Trooper. He is this big golden lab, he looks pretty intimidating, but Trooper is such a sweet dog. I love taking care of him, no matter how crazy he is!! :)

Over break, I got to lay out for a little bit and get a small tan. I got rid of most of my farmers tan :P I was SUPER excited. I thought I was as tan as Halle Caroline and Ellison.....but I was wrong. Those girls are SO tan, its not even funny. I am so jealous. My skin compared to their skin is drastic. I am the white marshmallow, and they are the tan golden graham crackers. :) So I guess I just wrote about my spring break..