Saturday, January 24, 2009

Babysitting The Cheathams :)

Okay So Friday Night, I babysat for one of my favorite neighbors! It was a TON of fun! We made Ice Cream, Went around the house without touching the floor, Played American Idol, had Wrestling Matches and We made goofy Videoes!

The Ice Cream turned out really good. But It was super messy! After shaking the bag for 5-10 minutes, our hands burned like crazy! Brooks decided that instead of eating the ice cream, he would just dip his face in it instead! LOL.

Okay so we also played a game where you had to go around the house without ever touching the carpet, and if you did, you had to restart from the beginning. We only had to go to the beginning 2-3 times, but I know that Ellison touched the carpet a couple of times, but I let it slide. We had to get pilows and blankets, and random things to step on so we wouldnt touch the was extremely difficult! But a TON of fun!

We also played American Idol for a little Bit. Halle Caroline and Ellison and I were all the people auditioning. We would be Nerdy, or Wierd, or really good while singing! Brooks was the judge. He was actually Simon, Cara, Paula, and Randy. He said things like this "That was absolutly repulsive" or "Sorry I was asleep" or "YOUR GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!"

We also Had Wrestling Matches. Nobody really got hurt..except for me when Brandon (my brother) tackled me to the floor! The Wrestling Match was between Brooks and I. Brooks is a very scary person to be wrestling! Watch out for the "Dead Leg." This trick is where he knees your bone on your leg, and brings you down! :/ OUCH!

Ohh and the last thing we did, was make funny videos! I dont even know how to describe them! They are hilarious! I will upload the pictures and videos as soon as I get them!! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Partyyy Time (:

Okay So Sunday Night..I went to a friends birthday Party. It was NOT very fun for the first hour and a half. Okay so we walked into the Keller Roundhouse (which turned out to be a square building and not a round one?) and everybody turned their heads and staired. Talk about Awkward Turtle. So We looked around and everywhere, there were RANDOM circles of people talking...thats how the party was for the first hour or so. Finally, the fun came along. Everybody was dancing and just having a GOOD OLE TIME :) We were all dancing like crazy wild kids on sugar. Which we were, right before everybody started to dance, the cake was cut! heheh anyways..It was for the most part fun!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun with Family and Neighbors

On Saturday, I spent most of my day playing baseball outside with my family and my neighbors. It was a TON of fun! It was very funny too..When My dad hit everybody went way far out, and I would pitch it to him, and then duck so I wouldnt get hit. (I actually was hit 3 times, OUCH!) When my mom hit, everybody came in close, nobody believed she could hit far, but she proved us wrong a couple of times. When My brother Brandon hit, We would all spread out, because there was no telling where it was going! When Sean or Brett hit, We all came in real close..because they are 5&6, so they cant hit too far. We also played with the Cheatham's Kids..Brooks, Halle Caroline, and Ellison. (These are the kids I babysit, SOOO cute!!) Brooks plays baseball, so he of course was better than ALL of us. He always caught all the balls we hit..never failed. Halle Caroline usually had really nice hard hits, with some strikes here and there. Ellison was like her sister, but she wore some cool sunglasses while playing!! LOL, When I hit, I never hit it up high, they always hit the ground and bounced up. Thats why I never got out :) Well, until Brooks Caught them :( Anyways, It was a TON of fun!! We were out for several hours just playing around..I can't wait until the Next game! I will be practicing that way I can catch the balls you hit!! Muahahhahaha :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A little bit of my weekend so far!

On Thursday, I got out of school at 10:45!! I went to chick-fil-a with my friends and then we went to go see Bride Wars. Bride Wars was such a CUTE was sooo funny! I recommend going to see it! After the movie, I went over to My Best Friend, Mercedes, house. I slept over there. We had alot of fun! We rode around on her neighbors golfcart, and then we hung out with some of our guy friends. We were so tired because we had to get up at 6:30 that day because of school, so we crashed around 1:00...which is very rare for us! We usually stay up another 2 or 3 hours. Then Next day we went on adventures around Mercedes neighborhood while it was 30 degrees outside. We came inside..and then My mom picked me up. Later on that day, I got to spend some quality family time. My family and I went to go see Bedtime stories. That was alot of fun! It was nice going with my family for once. And today is Saturday, and its a 4 day weekend for I will be blogging more about the exciting things!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I finally got a blog!

Okay so after a Long Day of school (We actually got out at 12:00) I ate lunch with some friends, and my mom and Sean! We ate at Chilis :) We Picked up Brett from school, and then went through a CAR WASH! Thrill of my life! It was alot of fun! But once I got home, I studied for my finals tomorrow and I decided to make a blog! My mom has one..and my neighbors have one, so I decided to make one because I figured "Why not?" My mom has been helping me figure out how to blog and add gadgets, etc. Thanks Mom!! So far I have one blog, but there will be so much more to come!!