Sunday, March 29, 2009


Okay so I get my braces of in 9 days!!!!!! I get them off April 7th at 9:40 am! I am SO flipping excited. I will never have to deal with canker sores, I will not be the odd ball, (all my friends dont have braces, I am the only one that does), and once I get them off, 12 weeks later, I am probably going to get them whitened!! I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited. All I can talk about these days, are getting my braces off and driving. I love to drive!

My parents are finally letting me practice driving, even though I am not allowed to because I am not 15 and I dont have my permit. But were taking baby steps...and every now and then they let me drive. I always get mad at them, because they only let me drive for like 10-15 minutes, and I want to drive longer, but I realize now, that I should just be lucky that they are even lettting me drive. Because technically, I am not suppose to. So thanks mom & dad for letting me practice. Practice makes Perfect, soon enough, I will fully know how to drive and I will be good at it, thanks to you :)


  1. I think someone is just trying to "butter up" their parents : )
    Love you baby!

  2. pshhhhh no I am not!! It would be nice if we went driving this weekend though :)

    Love you too mommy!