Saturday, June 6, 2009

Party Time! :)

My Best Friends (:
Peace out (:
haha we have way too much fun (:
We party like rockstars (:
My girls :)

Best Friends :)

The Big group!

haha tommy wanted in :)
Love these people!

Nicole, Sneha, Abbi, Mercedes, Eden, Me, & Abbie

I never found out who did the bunny ears..

Bathroom Shots..gotta love em'

What can I say?

Last Friday, I went to Student Council Banquet..I didn't go with anybody, because it was lame. There was no dancing or anything. We went and ate dinner, did awards, watched a slideshow, and went home. How stupid is that??? It was NOT fun at all. The only part that was fun, was the after the banquet..we took all these pictures in the parking lot..Here are some pictures from banquet, and our parking lot pictures. :)

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