Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun with Family and Neighbors

On Saturday, I spent most of my day playing baseball outside with my family and my neighbors. It was a TON of fun! It was very funny too..When My dad hit everybody went way far out, and I would pitch it to him, and then duck so I wouldnt get hit. (I actually was hit 3 times, OUCH!) When my mom hit, everybody came in close, nobody believed she could hit far, but she proved us wrong a couple of times. When My brother Brandon hit, We would all spread out, because there was no telling where it was going! When Sean or Brett hit, We all came in real close..because they are 5&6, so they cant hit too far. We also played with the Cheatham's Kids..Brooks, Halle Caroline, and Ellison. (These are the kids I babysit, SOOO cute!!) Brooks plays baseball, so he of course was better than ALL of us. He always caught all the balls we hit..never failed. Halle Caroline usually had really nice hard hits, with some strikes here and there. Ellison was like her sister, but she wore some cool sunglasses while playing!! LOL, When I hit, I never hit it up high, they always hit the ground and bounced up. Thats why I never got out :) Well, until Brooks Caught them :( Anyways, It was a TON of fun!! We were out for several hours just playing around..I can't wait until the Next game! I will be practicing that way I can catch the balls you hit!! Muahahhahaha :)

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  1. Hey Kaila I now follow your blog. Don't let the person with no face scare that's just me until my mom will help me get a picture on there.