Saturday, January 24, 2009

Babysitting The Cheathams :)

Okay So Friday Night, I babysat for one of my favorite neighbors! It was a TON of fun! We made Ice Cream, Went around the house without touching the floor, Played American Idol, had Wrestling Matches and We made goofy Videoes!

The Ice Cream turned out really good. But It was super messy! After shaking the bag for 5-10 minutes, our hands burned like crazy! Brooks decided that instead of eating the ice cream, he would just dip his face in it instead! LOL.

Okay so we also played a game where you had to go around the house without ever touching the carpet, and if you did, you had to restart from the beginning. We only had to go to the beginning 2-3 times, but I know that Ellison touched the carpet a couple of times, but I let it slide. We had to get pilows and blankets, and random things to step on so we wouldnt touch the was extremely difficult! But a TON of fun!

We also played American Idol for a little Bit. Halle Caroline and Ellison and I were all the people auditioning. We would be Nerdy, or Wierd, or really good while singing! Brooks was the judge. He was actually Simon, Cara, Paula, and Randy. He said things like this "That was absolutly repulsive" or "Sorry I was asleep" or "YOUR GOING TO HOLLYWOOD!"

We also Had Wrestling Matches. Nobody really got hurt..except for me when Brandon (my brother) tackled me to the floor! The Wrestling Match was between Brooks and I. Brooks is a very scary person to be wrestling! Watch out for the "Dead Leg." This trick is where he knees your bone on your leg, and brings you down! :/ OUCH!

Ohh and the last thing we did, was make funny videos! I dont even know how to describe them! They are hilarious! I will upload the pictures and videos as soon as I get them!! :)


  1. That was so much fun. It is always a treat when you get to babysit. Thank you for coming over.

  2. Yes! It is a treat when you babysit!!! The kids love you and so do Derek and I. Thanks for being the best babysitter EVER!

  3. awww Thank you! You just made my day! :)

  4. Halle Caroline- It actually did make my day! :)

  5. I know I really need to! I will blog more. I just dont have time, and there isnt anything to blog about. My life is boring :( But i will make it un-boring!!