Sunday, February 8, 2009

A long long day!

On Saturday, I was looking forward to sleeping in and relaxing. Well, NONE of that happened. Okay so I had to get up at 8:45 and then I had to go volunteer up at the keller pointe. I was volunteering for Nationaly Charity League, Interact Club and Green Cord. We were setting up for the daddy daughter dance! It was amazing. They had these balloon arches, and all these pretty, sparkly, colorful decorations! The theme was "My dad is a Rockstar" It was sooo cute.

I set up from 10am-3pm and we got a lunch break. Then I came home and got ready to go work the actual daddy daughter dance. I did my hair, make-up, and I had to wear a dress and everything. We all looked so nice. So 4:30 rolls around, and I am off to go work again. We got there, and it was sooo funny because my friend and I walked up to the keller pointe in dresses. And as we all know, people at the keller pointe walk in in sweats and a t-shirt because they are there to work out. So it was just funny as all these people stared at us.

My job at the dance was to serve food. That was easy. But crazy. When the little girls came in, there was so much spilling, and it was really loud and crazy. But when the bigger girls came in, it was quiet and calm. At the dance I saw my neighbors there. I saw Kennedi and her father, Dean. And then I saw Lillie and her father, Chris. Kennedi and Lillie looked beautiful. They were both wearing red dresses and they had there hair done and everything. They were dancing to Hannah Montana with their dads. SO CUTE! I talked to them for a little bit, but I had to get back to work before one of the ladies yelled at me! ahh! I go back into the kitchen area, and we cleaned off all the tables.

We were all so hungry, so we were just snacking on the pretzels, colored goldfish, and cheap cookies! sounds good? doesnt it? NO. It was a bad dinner. It was time to clean up, so we had to go upstairs and take off some things.....well on our way, we came across some HELIUM BALLOONS. wow. So what did we do???? We got them, sucked the helium out of them and we sounded like balloon heads. It was HILARIOUS! I laughed so hard!! We raced around the track, and we danced around. It was a ton of fun! Who thought Charity Work could be that much fun?

It was time to go home, so we went home. I ate a salad. Got ready for bed, and then I crashed. I was soooo tired. And thats how my Saturday went..but I got 12 hours of community service for green cord :)

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