Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yesterday I went up to Northwood Church with my mom. We worked Revive. Revive is where you take care of special needs kids and their siblings while the parents get a night off. These Kids have autism, down syndrome, and many other things. My mom and I got to watch a 8 year old named Abby. She had down syndrome, but she was the cutest thing ever. Abby loved to watch movies, play ring-around-the rosie in the jump house, play video games, play prisoner, and dress up. She is just a fun, sweet kid to be around. When Abby first got there, we introduced ourselves to the mom and Abby. Abby put out her hand to shake it. We were talking to her mom, and then the first thing Abby says to us is "Lets go, Lets go" She was ready to have a ton of fun with us. So we run from place to place, and we are worn out..and were thinking this is going to be a long night..but then we turn the corner and there is a movie playing. Abby sits down and watches the movie for about an hour, just sitting still and being perfect. After the movie, we jumped on the bounce house..she sure does love to jump. We also played Prisoner. She would catch me and take me to prison, but right before she put me in prison, I would escape and run all around the church and she would catch me. We would be laughing, and we did this over and over..until she finally got mad at me for escaping so much. Seeing Abby smile and laugh just made my night. I absolutely LOVED working there. I plan on working there every other Friday night, if I am available. I recommend working there at sometime in your life, because these kids truely are amazing.

Pictures coming soon.

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